Monday, 19 December 2011

Malaria Comic - Preview

© Edward Ross and EVIMalaR 2011

Here's another glimpse of the malaria comic I'm working on.  We've been fighting forward the last few weeks, trying to get inks done before the end of the year, and it looks like we're on track.  Meanwhile, comic artist Tom Humberstone is bringing my black and white linework to life with his fantastic colour work.

Above is an image of an infected Red Blood Cell bursting open to release the parasites into the blood stream.  Below is one of our more allusive images, illustrating our metaphor of scientists 'taking apart a clockwork parasite to see what makes it tick'.

© Edward Ross and EVIMalaR 2011

I'm very excited to see this project all coming together.  The hard work is starting to pay off!  In the new year we'll be wrapping up the artwork, finalising the wording of everything, and then getting covers and so forth prepared for the final comic.

Stay tuned!

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