Saturday, 6 February 2010

100 Tiny Moments: The Best of Days 34-67.

The Hundred Days project has just passed the two thirds point and I thought it would be another good moment to reflect on some of my favourite comics from the last 33 days.

Above: Sometimes memories just spring to mind out of nowhere as I sit staring at the blank page.  This was one of those, a memory that's often recalled, unexpected but fondly received.  As the weeks have passed I've tried more and more to experiment with the layout of my page, but it's only ever possible when time allows it. It's interesting to look back too at how what I'm currently reading informs my illustration, and there's more than a hint of Alison Bechdel in this piece.

Above: This was a memory I knew I wanted to deal with right from the start.  I guess that day it just seemed like the right time.  Setting pencil to paper, I knew that the chances of this working were pretty low, what with the challenges of capturing awesome natural beauty with my limited skill.  I decided on a simple visual technique in the end, less realistic, more expressive and suggestive. 

Above: Something I've wanted to avoid is becoming too self-reflexive with the strip.  For me, a comic commenting on itself closes itself off from being universally interesting, and limits its significance in the longer term.  But when an act like drawing an autobiographical comic becomes such a big part of your daily life, at times it needs to be commented on.  I only hope that I haven't crossed that invisible line and stepped too far into self-reflexivity.

Above:  Some comics are a joy to draw.  There's not that many opportunities to draw slimy, creepy monsters in an autobiographical comic, so when that gift presents itself, you have to just go with it.


  1. Hey fellow Edinburger,
    I dig your stuff, and intend to get FILMISH on paypal.
    I miss the Filmhouse, I did a film course in its upstairs room in the mid 90's.

    I added a link to your blog on mine, return the favour if you wish.
    Sean in Japan

  2. Hi Sean!
    Cheers for the support. It's interesting to read that you're making inroads in the Japanese publishing market. How is being a comics writer treating you? I'm currently working hard towards that very goal, as well as pursuing the art stuff. Any words of advice? Will keep my eyes on Once Upon A Time In Morningside. I went to Boroughmuir High and spent a lot of my youth in the Morningside area!

  3. Thanks Ed (Edward?)
    Boroughmuir? - ha ha then we are school enemies but comic book pals!

    Pity we never met before or you could have maybe worked on the Morningside book with me.
    How is it going in japan? - well, the long skype discussion I just had with my Kodansha editor in Tokyo promises great things. We are planning various books, so lets hope they can go ahead.

    So far I have two contracts with them already, one book almost finished, the second we just started in January. And the 'AX"alternative manga' collection I edited for Top Shelf is done and due out in July. So things are going well - due to a mix of a big effort, bit of luck and actually being here in japan.

    I really like your stuff,by the way!