Monday, 25 January 2010

Filmish Reviewed in The List.

Filmish has been reviewed in Scottish listings magazine 'The List'. It's exciting to see the first ever review of my work.

"Edinburgh-based cartoonist, comic writer and filmmaker Edward Ross releases this sharp and wryly amusing ‘wee collection of comic book essays on film theory’. This isn’t hard academia (and doesn’t pretend to be) but an engaging look at the basics of film theory with the visual comic format making concepts even easier to understand. Reminiscent in style to Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, Ross guides us through ‘Monsters!’, ‘Point of View’ and ‘Food on Film’.

Instantly appealing, the simplicity of the black & white art keeps the flow of ideas clear and uncluttered. It’s a fantastic primer and would be nice to think that this 24-page initial release might just be the start of a whole series dissecting film theory into easily digestible chunks in Ross’ own humorous style."

- Henry Northmore

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  1. Thats cool - nice work Eddie! So you'll be busy now getting on with the series, eh?
    /Lb xx