Monday, 4 January 2010

100 Tiny Moments From My Past, Present and Future.

Things are going well with my 100 days pledge. Unfortunately it means other projects are showing signs of neglect. You can see all the comics over at 100tinymoments. Here's some of my personal favourites from the past 34 days...

Above: The first tiny moment where I flash forward into my future. It's strange, but visualising your own demise is quite enjoyable. It's the catharsis of it, I guess. Stop worrying, start imagining.

Above: One of my most favourite, but maybe others found it less entertaining. I just like the visual simplicity of it, the lack of pretension and the sense of fun. The last few days have not quite presented me with such small joys, and I guess I'm a little jealous of my past self.

Above: One of my most moving strips, and a big departure from others, it being entirely digitally painted over an old photo. Day to day it's hard to maintain such a high standard, and I don't think I've met this one since, at least on a visual and technical level.

Above: A piece of New Years Eve sentimentality. A vision of the future not involving my death or decay. I featured some of my friends in the pictures: Jamie got beardy, Tom with a scar and a son, Adrian looking just the same and Pete with middle-aged chubby cheeks. I dunno, it just makes me happy looking at the future this way, even if it'll probably turn out so different.

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