Monday, 22 April 2019

Mysteries of the Deep

My latest science comic is out now. Mysteries of the Deep takes readers onboard the JOIDES Resolution, a scientific ocean drilling ship that uses core samples from the bottom of the ocean to explore everything from ancient climate change to tectonic activity in the Sea of Japan.

The comic is an exciting departure for my science work. Following years of comics set in the microbial world, this comic takes in the dramatic settings of both the Eocene Epoch and the floating laboratories of the JOIDES Resolution. It was a real joy to work on - with a mix of childhood-dream-come-true prehistoric imagery and fascinating, important science to explore.

The comic was accompanied by an exhibition which I designed, illustrated and co-wrote with my scientific collaborator Tom Dunkley Jones from Birmingham University.

The exhibition is running at Lapworth Museum, Birmingham from 11th March - 17th June 2019. You can download the comic and the exhibition panels for free here.

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