Friday, 19 August 2016

Filmish at Edinburgh International Book Festival

On Saturday I was onstage at the Edinburgh International Book Festival for a reading and chat about my graphic novel Filmish. Joe Gordon from Forbidden Planet Blog was my interviewer, and the hall was pretty full, which was really nice to see.

Photo © Jer White
For the first time ever, I gave a reading of my work - quite an unlikely thing to do as a comic artist, given the visual nature of the medium, but it worked. Reading from the chapter on 'Sets and Architecture', a powerpoint of panels from the chapter offered a necessary visual element. Edinburgh itself decided to add to the mix, with fireworks adding an explosive backdrop to my discussion.

Joe and I spent the rest of the time speaking about where the idea for Filmish came from and how comics offer an interesting and at times challenging way to look at the cinema. Audience questions were very insightful, and I was asked to give my thoughts on both motion comics and VR - two very different media that are similar in their resistance to classification, and fascinating in their hybridity.

Photo © Joe Gordon via Flickr
The signing afterwards was great fun and I got to meet some really interesting people who had turned out for the talk. Sketching and signing takes time so hopefully no one was too bored by the wait!

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