Monday, 7 September 2015

Whatever Happened to the Blue Whale in 2302AD?

A comic I worked on in collaboration with poet Russell Jones appears in the exciting poetry comics anthology Over The Line - An Introduction to Poetry Comics which is out now from publisher Sidekick Books.

The poem, titled Whatever Happened to the Blue Whale in 2302AD? was a wonderful piece to work on and adapt - an intelligent and striking piece of sci-fi poetry that really lent itself to adaptation into comics form. It's a great poem from a talented poet, and I thank Russell for working with me on the piece. Russell's next book of poetry The Green Dress Whose Girl Is Sleeping is out in October. He has also edited an anthology of sci-fi poetry called Where Rockets Burn Through available here.

Over The Line as a whole looks very interesting, full of a diverse range of poets and artists working together in this wonderful hybrid form. I'm really honoured that our piece was chosen by editors Tom Humberstone and Chrissy Williams. You can order a copy here.

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