Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Latitude Report

This weekend I was at Latitude festival with Tom Humberstone, Philippa Rice, Anne Holiday and Matthew Sheret.  It was a We Are Words + Pictures event, and we were there to give passers by a wee chance to do some comic drawing, as well as providing access to WAW+P's extensive library of small-press wonders, all from our event tent situated amongst dozens of other arts events that the festival was playing host to.

The event went down really well I think.  It was great seeing the huge amount of work that came out of it, from children and adults alike.  People seemed really engaged with the whole idea, and one or two children told me they had been inspired to pick up drawing again, having had previously lost interest or confidence.  We were able to give the young folk some advice and encouragement to keep drawing, and guidance to parents on how to foster their kids' interest in comics.  We all worked very well as a team, and it was wonderful getting to hang out with other comic artists and chat about what the future holds for all of us.  All in all, a great success!

At the same time, I got to do some drawing of my own, borrowing Tom's pens to do some brush pen experimentation, and Philippa's glue to do some My Cardboard Life fan art!  And then there were the bands of course, a personal favourite being Saturday night's Belle and Sebastian show.

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