Wednesday, 27 October 2010

100 Tiny Moments Book - OUT NOW!

The '100 Tiny Moments' books arrived the other day and now have been hand numbered, assigned a badge and packaged.  They look beautiful, and I'm proud as anything to have my first 'proper' book out.  You can buy it over to the right of this page. 

I'll also be selling it in person at the London MCM Expo this weekend.  Please come along and check out my stall (table C87), which I'm sharing with the super-talented Luke Pearson.  I'll be selling '100 Tiny Moments' as well as a lovely printed version of my 'Simple Knot' story.
For those who didn't follow the series, '100 Tiny Moments From My Past, Present and Future' was my response to the 100 Days challenge - to do one thing, once a day for one hundred days to make yourself a better person.

I decided on creating a series of autobiographical comics examining my life - from memories, through current events, to imagined futures.  Over 100 days I created 100 comics, and in that three month sprawl you really can see a change in me.  From those early, scruffy attempts through to the increasingly complex and lovingly created pieces that emerge in the weeks that followed, there's a story to be read between the lines and panels of these comics.

It seems long ago now, but it was a fantastic project to be a part of.  Working to that kind of schedule is tiring and draining, but it does get results.   I learned a lot in that 100 Days, and I think it shows.

If you've not read the strips, you can still read the whole series here and see if you like it.  I hope if you enjoy the project you'll be able to support it by buying a copy of the book.

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