Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Apples for Grandma

I've been working on a new poetry comic, based on a poem by Russell Jones. It's been a nice exercise, a little bookend between finishing writing on Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming, and finishing the illustration of it.

This wee project gives me a chance to warm up for something bigger, getting me ready for what's going to be a year's worth of drawing at least.

An old woman leans forward under a blanket. Text reads: These apples are for grandma. Big eyes, long nose, sharp teeth.

I loved working on this poem. It's dark and evocative, but leaves loads of space for me to bring something new to the visuals. It's a subversive retelling, or countertelling maybe, of Little Red Riding hood. Although, it's also not. It's something else. And it's great.

This short comic will be part of an anthology of my short story comics from the last few years, making its debut at Thought Bubble Comic Arts Festival in Leeds.

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