Thursday, 27 March 2014

Comics Class.

I recently got the opportunity of teaching an 8 week course in comics creation at Edinburgh's Leith Academy.  It was a really exciting experience, and the artists I taught were a very enthusiastic bunch, whose dedication to their work was extremely encouraging.  A lot of great comics got made on the course, and I was pleased that I managed to encourage and help guide these artists in what they wanted to do.  From comics newbies to more experienced artists, they all showed a lot of talent and some fantastic ideas - and I think each of them got something good out of the course.

Anyway, term two starts soon enough, and while some of my students have vowed to return, I'm looking for others to come along and join the class.  Anyone with an interest in getting into comics will gain something from the class - I know from experience that even just having a regular slot in your week to do comics can make a huge difference.

The class costs £39.50 / £24.00 for the 6 weeks.  Running from the 8th of May.  You can book via 0131 553 2810, through Leith Academy, which is where the class is held.


  1. That sounds fantastic - not for me, for my partner. It'll be impossible for her to do this next term, but I hope you'll be doing the class again after that.

    1. Hi Jane, yes hopefully I'll get to do this again in the future! It always just depends on interest levels, so keep an eye on my blog/twitter or whatever and I'll let everyone know about future classes!

  2. Wow, I just found this on the Edinburgh Community Learning site. I echo Jane's sentiment. Wish I'd seen it sooner but will keep my eye out for future classes! Looks rad.

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