Friday, 14 June 2013

Scottish Stem Cell Stories

The deadline approaches for the Scottish Centre For Regenerative Medicine competition for non-fiction writing and comics about stem cells.  There's still time for anyone to get something done I'd say, and it's well worth it taking part if you have an interest in science and comics or writing.
More details here. Go check it out!

 I'm currently working with the SCRM on a new stem cell comic aimed at showing off some of the work being done across Scotland in stem cell research.

Working with Barbara Melville (their writer in residence) has been fantastic and she's brought an interesting approach to talking about science that is a lot more character focussed than what I've done in the past.  It's interesting and challenging for me, and it has been good sticking with the same characters for a whole story.

In related news, you can hear me and Ken MacLeod in interview with Alex Fitch, talking about science, comics and stem cells below.

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