Monday, 14 January 2013

Solipsistic Pop 5

I've been busy working on my contribution to the latest edition of UK comics anthology Solipsistic Pop.  Editor Tom Humberstone has always collected together some of the most interesting UK based comic artists for his curated anthology, which this time round is an anthology of journalistic non-fiction and reportage.  It's going to be a fascinating read when it comes out - a timely collection of comics from the growing field of non-fiction and journalistic comics.

My own piece is on the impending vote on Scottish independence.  It was admittedly very hard to write for me, a task that took me so far out of my comfort zone I was squirming for weeks as I made it.  Hopefully it will stand up to what will no doubt be a really high standard of reportage from the other contributors, which include non-fiction pros such as Darryl Cunningham and Tom Humberstone.

Solipsistic Pop 5 is out later this year, and will be available to buy from www.solipsisticpop.com

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