Monday, 14 September 2009

Living In The Dark

Last year I designed the album art for a friend's band: Pheonix Street. Below is the concept I mocked up for them...

And here's what they ended up with. It's an epic image that took a lot of tweaking to get right. I was a little disappointed to see the final product in a sense, since CD cases are so bloody small! It would look amazing as a vinyl sleeve. Click on the image to see it nice and big!

The song the cover was inspired by is a really claustrophobic, mournful song, their title track. I think I managed to capture a sense of overwhelming painful memory with the piles of scrap paper, photos and trinkets. I found all the polaroids amongst my parents old photographs and had always wanted to do something with them. All these weird test images from their years of professional photography.

Photographs © Peter Ross and Margaret Drysdale 2008.
Cover art © Edward Ross, Tom Sharrock and David McRae 2008.

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